Terms and Conditions of Hire

Hiring of the facilities at The Tin Tabernacle, Hythe shall be subject to the following conditions:

1. Responsibilities of Hirer

1.1 We require a nominated responsible person to be on site for the duration of the booked event. The person must be a minimum of 25 years old. The person is responsible for security, fire safety, the health and safety of the users. The person must familiarise themselves with the fire escape routes.

1.2 The Tin Tabernacle Insurance does not cover the hirers activities. If insurance in required, we will need a copy of this to be submitted with your booking form.

1.3 All Hirers are liable for the conduct of their clients/guests while on site

1.4 Hirers must only allow their own clients/guests into the building, do not allow anyone else into the building under any circumstances

1.5 Period hired shall be deemed to include time for set up, clean down and departure

1.6 The Hirer must arrive and vacate by the agreed time. Failure to adhere to the agreed times will incur additional charges. In the event of unauthorised overrunning we will charge additional charges to the Hirer accordingly at a minimum of 30 minutes

1.7 Hirers are required to ensure that they are left in a clean condition:

a.i) They must ensure that the rooms and grounds are left in a clean and safe condition.

a.ii) Ensure all tables have been wiped over and tables and chairs are put back where found.

a.iii) Ensure that liquid spills are wiped up immediately and the floor swept.

a.iv) If the kitchen has been used, that the cooker, fridge and any other equipment are left clean and tidy.

a.v) Wash up and put back any cutlery and crockery used.

a.vi) Mop the floors. a.vii) Any broken glass must be wrapped before disposal in the bins provided.

a.viii) Do not dispose of liquids or hazardous substances in the bins.

a.ix) Remove all rubbish from the site.

a.x) In the event of the rooms not being left clean and tidy the £200 deposit will be used to cover cleaning costs immediately.

1.8 If any equipment has been broken or damaged report it at the end of the event. The cost of replacements will be deducted from your deposit.

1.9 Decoration of the rooms: Several hooks are around the main room for you to attach bunting, balloons etc. Do not attach anything else to the walls.

1.10 The Hirer must ensure all windows are shut and heating units are turned off. If it is found to be left on an additional charge of £

1.11 The Hirer is wholly responsible for marketing and bookings of events. The Tin Tabernacle will act solely as a provider of the space. The Tin Tabernacle will not take bookings on your behalf

1.12 Hirers shall ensure that their clients/guests are aware that The Tin Tabernacle accept no liability for the loss of any valuables brought onto the premises

1.13 Subletting of any bookings is not permitted.

1.14 The Tin Tabernacle is not licensed to sell alcohol. If you wish to sell alcohol at your event you must obtain the appropriate licence from the local council. The copy of the licence must be sent to us before the event.

1.15 If you are giving alcohol to guests as part of a private party or meal, then no licence is required.

2. General

2.1 The Tin Tabernacle is over 100 years old and therefore we request that hirers and their guests take care when visiting the venue.

2.2 For security reasons CCTV is in operation and controlled by The Tin Tabernacle

2.3 We are licences for the performance of plays, live music, recorded music, performance of dance, and other general entertainment.

2.4 The Tin Tabernacle is a strictly non-smoking building. If guests are smoking outside the building we request they dispose of the them with care in bins provided, please do not thrown them onto the grounds or surrounding pavements.

2.5 Animals of all kinds are prohibited from all rooms and grounds.

2.6 The Tin Tabernacle accepts no liability for any loss or damage to any buggy or bicycle left outside the building.

2.7 Parking is available in The Portland Road Council Car Park.

2.8 The Tin Tabernacle recommend couples take out wedding insurance.

2.9 The Tin Tabernacle reserves the right to request Live Bands and DJ’s reduce the noise levels if it is judges unacceptable.

2.10 The Tin Tabernacle request that all hirers respect our neighbours when departing the premises, especially if its late at night.

2.11 The use of fireworks, fires or BBQ’s is strictly forbidden.

2.12 The Tin Tabernacle properly and reasonably reserves the right to cancel or terminate wholly or in part any booking at any time and for any reason including, but not limited to, the following:

i. If the booking might, in our opinion, bring The Tin Tabernacle into disrepute

ii. If the behaviour of the Hirer/guests/delegates (whether as individuals or as a group) is deemed by The Tin Tabernacle to be unacceptable

iii. If the activity of the Hirer/guests/delegates (whether as individuals or as a group) breaches Fire/Health and Safety or any legislation in any way or deemed unsafe for staff or public

iv. Force majeure: If, due to an event beyond its control, The Tin Tabernacle is (in its opinion) unable wholly or substantially to perform its obligations to a Hirer, The Tin Tabernacle will promptly notify the Hirer accordingly and will refund the charges to the Hirer

3. Booking & Payment of Hire

3.1 The Tin Tabernacle will hold a provisional date for a maximum of 14 days, by which time the relevant deposit will be required.

3.2 A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to secure bookings. Any non-payments of deposits will result on the booking being cancelled.

3.3 A separate deposit of £200 is required and returned in full should there be no damages to the premises or its contents. This is payable along with the balance no more than 3 months before the event.

3.4 Booking within 3 months of event date require full payment on booking and is nonrefundable.

3.5 Payments are preferred by BACS of which details will be provided upon booking. Any cheques should be made payable to Mr P. Jarvis and quote your booking date on the reverse.

3.6 The Tin Tabernacle requests that any changes to booking dates and times or cancellations must be given in writing.

3.7 In the interests of Health and Safety and to comply with our licences the maximum number of people allowed in the building is capped at 125

3.8 The use of outside equipment, caterers and any suppliers the hirer is using MUST be discussed and agreed by The Tin Tabernacle in advance of finalising the booking.

3.9 The companies being used must hold relevant certificates including health and safety which we may request.

3.10 The companies being used must hold public liability insurance of a minimum of £1,000,000

3.11 Magicians and DJ’s must be insured, and all electrical equipment being used must be PAT tested.

3.12 For evening events, music must be finished by 23.00 and premises vacated by 23.30

3.13 Invoices will be issued upon booking and all monies due shall be paid within seven days

3.14 Hire charges will be reviewed on an annual basis

3.15 We understand and will exercise our statutory right to claim interest and compensation for debt recovery costs under the late payment legislation if we are not paid according to agreed credit terms

3.16 Where a Hirer fails to observe any of the above terms and conditions The Tin Tabernacle reserve the right to terminate any period of hire with immediate effect and to refuse future use of the premises and its facilities